Divorce is NOT Your Destination

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Divorce…such an ugly word! It brings up devastating feelings. Feelings of rejection, abandonment, mistrust, disappointment, and deep, deep pain to name a few. It is a word that tells us we did not get to have our “happily every after”. Do  you feel or have you felt like that?

    My name is Coree Sullivan, founder of This Restored Heart Ministries and author of the best-selling book “Destiny After Divorce”.

    It’s important that divorce is not our destination, it is not a brand, it is not our identity. It is a part, an ugly part, of our journey unfortunately. But God has healing for you! He truly does! He sees every tear you’ve cried, every sleepless night, every bit of anguish you’ve gone through. He wants to heal all of that and put you on a path of restoration, freedom and victory in your life.



    In my best-selling book “Destiny After Divorce” I share the tools He used to help me heal from the devastation of divorce in my life. You can find this book and other materials on my website at www.ThisRestoredHEartMinistries.com. I encourage you today to take your first step in allowing God to meet you where you are and bring victory out of the devastation of divorce so you can walk in the identity He has for you. Hit the button to find out more! Bye for now!

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