Destiny After Divorce

Divorce is such an ugly word! It means the death of a marriage, lost dreams, heartache, broken promises. It means families are torn apart, hearts are shattered, and you are now alone. It means that you didn't get your happily ever after. Millions of questions run through your head such as "Who am I now?", "Where do I go from here?", "How will my children make it through?", "What about my finances?" and more often than not, the question of "How did I get here?"


Coree Sullivan and This Restored Heart Ministries facilitate a divorce recovery class locally and participates in multiple seminars and events around the country providing faith based tools to help those who have been through, or are going through a divorce, heal from the wounds that divorce causes, in a loving, Christ-centered environment. These seminars range from Divorce Recovery and Co-parenting to Grand-parenting roles. To book Coree for your event, email her at


This Restored Heart Ministries mission is to provide tools and coaching to help those who have been touched by divorce heal the brokenness it causes us. Coree Sullivan has written multiple books and created work books and DVD's to help you walk through this journey. This Restored Heart Ministries knows that while you may be hurting, you will heal so you can walk the path to your destiny!

About me

Coree Sullivan is originally from Northern Colorado and currently resides in Windsor, Colorado. She has two daughters and 6 grandchildren. Much of her adult life has been in sales and marketing. Currently Ms. Sullivan is active on the Events and Sozo Ministries teams at her home church, Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado. She also volunteers with various other ministries in the area.



Success Stories

Divorce Often Leaves Us Broken

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