Intro to Free 5 Steps of Healing from Divorce

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Divorce….what an ugly word!!!!! It congers up so many painful emotions in me just to hear the word!  I’ve been there…more than once. Hello, my name is Coree Sullivan, founder of This Restored Heart Ministries and author of the best-selling book “Destiny After Divorce”.

    The word divorce to me used to mean that I’d failed, that I wasn’t enough, that all my dreams for a bright future with my husband were gone. This word prompted emotions of fear, abandonment, rejection, and anger. But because I was a ‘strong woman’ I powered through, set up my life as a single mom of two beautiful young girls, and went right out and made the same mistakes again! Seriously…that’s what I did!  

    Yes, I hate to admit it but I wound up doing the same thing over again expecting different results only to divorce again.  That’s truly the definition of insanity! But God…I love that phrase because it’s so true…but by the Grace of God I came to a place of surrender where I was finally open to the healing that needed to take place in my life so that I could move into the destiny He has for me.



    He gave me 5 points that helped me begin the journey that put me back on the path of healing…God’s way!  I used these points in my own healing journey and now I’d like to pass them on to you at no cost…Free! I encourage you to hit the button below to receive your copy so you can get on the path to healing and walk into the bright future Father God has for you! Then reach out to me on my website if you have any questions or would like additional information. Bye for now!

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